Explore Harvard: The Yard and Beyond

In association with Amazon.com, we are pleased to offer the book Explore Harvard: The Yard and Beyond by Harvard University and Seamus Heaney.

ISBN-10: 0674061926
ISBN-13: 978-0674061927

This elegant hardcover photo book brings Harvard University to life inside your own home. Use this elegant masterpiece as a coffee table book, centerpiece, or point of reference when visiting Cambridge. No matter its use, you are sure to love Explore Harvard.

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About Explore Harvard: The Yard and Beyond

Published in 2011, this book celebrates over 375 years of rich Harvard history. Experience Harvard’s history and delight in it like never before through this magnificent photo journey.

Many contemporary and archived images in this book have never been seen before. It will give alumni a trip down memory lane, and will breathe new life into the prestigious university for those seeing it for the first time. This is the perfect gift for anyone with a Harvard affiliation or for those who just want to know more.

According to Amazon reviewer Hoonie Kang, “It’s a very well done book.”

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Explore Harvard: The Yard and Beyond

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