Clear Speech

In association with, we are proud to offer the Clear Speech Student’s Workbook. This workbook allows students to create presentations, follow rules, and learn pronunciation.

ISBN-13: 978-1107682955  ISBN-10: 1107682959

clear speech

According to Amazon reviewer Michael Vaughan-Reese:

“Judy Gilbert’s ‘Clear Speech’ has, for years, been an essential help for teachers of American English who are aware of the importance of pronunciation in the syllabus. What has been fascinating to watch is how, from one edition to the next, the author has incorporated new ideas about what actually happens when we speak (and when we listen to speech), while sticking to her basic approach: how to make things simple, clear and fun.

Not only that: the people at Cambridge University Press have also done their bit in improving each edition. The layout is clearer; colour is increasingly used not just to make the book look good but also to highlight key aspects of speech; the diagrams illustrating what actually happens in the production of sounds are useful and dramatic.”

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