Top 5 Student Cookbooks


Photo by Christian Lander

On my very first night in a school dining hall, I filled a cup with Mountain Dew to the point of fizzing over. On my plate was a steaming slice of pizza and a tiny pile of canned pineapple. I ate the pizza first, and then I ate the pineapple, and like that little bald tree trunk at the end of The Giving Tree, I was happy.

Liberated from the dining policies of their households, it’s no surprise college kids take on mealtime with remarkable gusto. One of my friends punctuated weekdays with root beer and a fistful of beef jerky. Another favored candy bars at any hour, while I started mornings with cornbread and grape soda from the 7-Eleven around the corner.

But college is a place of learning, which must be why the upperclassmen let me learn that dining hall food causes severe gastrointestinal desolation. Even those around me, who made dinners out of convenience store scraps, were slowly overcome with sickness/sluggishness.

You may be an incoming freshman wanting to bypass dining hall debacles and convenience store cheats. You may be a fed-up upperclassman striving to break both habits. Or, you may just want to learn how to stop burning water before other pressing trials of adulthood make their rounds.

No matter the situation, feast your eyes on this student cookbook roundup.

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