Images of Discovery


Bubbles, Felice-Frankel

We could be a thousand miles away from science, until photographers like Felice Frankel, Harold “Doc” Edgerton, and Berenice Abbott brought it alive and pulled us closer to it.

They spend almost half a century finding the perfect angle, light, focus, framing and color to tell fascinating stories across the complex universe of science, and made it accessible and approachable to the public.

They’re known as science photographers, image makers, and innovators.


Light passes through prism, Berenice-Abbott

Different from other kinds of photography that captures memorable moments of daily life, science photography aims to discover and display an unknown world. Thus it takes more effort, requiring photographers to dive into and examine the scientific facts, and use lots of assistant equipment such as strobes, magnification and other light-capturing tools. This is what makes this kind of photography unique, challenging, and fascinating.

Now through January 10, 2017, the MIT Museum is presenting Images of Discovery: Communicating Science Through Photography, a unique exhibition that displays renowned science images and demonstrates photographers’ curiosity and dedication to communicate between their camera and the natural world, featured by three distinguished image-makers Felice Frankel, Harold “Doc” Edgerton, and Berenice Abbott.

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