Why Take an Online Class?

Online Classes

Consider adding an online class into your schedule. Photo courtesy of University of the Fraser Valley

Being educated doesn’t just mean sitting in an uncomfortable, wooden desk, staring ahead as a professor lectures for hours about various topics. You can also get educated from the comfort of your very own home. Online classes are becoming a more and more popular option for education and there is a long list of reasons why.

Education and how we learn is a very subjective thing. What is right for one person isn’t right for everybody. Throughout my time in college, I took one online class. While I enjoy the traditional classroom setting, it was nice to change it up and earn my credits a different way.

It was an internship course, so it was a tad different than a traditional online class, but the basics are still the same. In addition to working my hours at my internship site, I had weekly discussion questions on an online forum, three papers throughout the semester and online “meetings” with my professor.

My favorite part about taking the class online was the ease by which I could fit getting my work done into my already existing work schedule. It made managing my time so much easier when I was able to work at my own pace so long as I submitted everything by the deadline.

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