Top Ten Interview Tips

Interview tips for a successful interview

Photo courtesy of Texas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications

The hard truth is that getting a college degree will not guarantee you a job. I learned this very quickly after graduating. After a few months of searching for jobs and interviewing, I decided to focusing on becoming a better interviewee.

Working hard on personalizing cover letters and making sure my resume was sharp and readable was a great first step, but the real challenge was stepping up my interview game. I knew I needed to better market myself and show each company why I am an irreplaceable asset.

Here are ten interview tips that I compiled.

1. Research the company before the interview

This may seem obvious, but it is very important. Know the company’s mission statement, history overview and recent events. You will most likely be asked “What do you know about this company?” or “Why are you interested in working for this company?”

Research the people who you are interviewing with and know their history. It’s always good to check them out on LinkedIn. You may even have a connection in common with them.

2. Prepare questions

Prepare five or six questions you want to ask so that if some get answered, you will have other questions ready to go. Questions show that you are interested in the company and the position. Prepare a wide range of questions, and don’t be afraid to ask clarifying questions. Here are a few of my go-to questions:

– Who will I be working with most closely?
– What is a typical day in this position look like?
– What is the next step in this interview process?

3. Know the location of the company

This also may seem obvious but it is extremely important. Sometimes companies will have an old address on their website or email signatures. Always double check with the interviewer. You may need to show an I.D. to the receptionist or take an elevator to another floor.

Research how long it should take you to get there and leave 15-30 minutes earlier than you think you should. This leaves times for traffic or late trains. If you get to the place too early, find a nice place to sit and look over your resume and notes.

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