Harvard Farmers’ Market

Harvard Farmers' Market

Produce for sale. Photo by Glenn Dettwiler.

You have two weeks left to experience Harvard‘s unique Farmers’ Market. Tuesday, November 22nd is the last market before they close up shop for the winter. The market has been open to the public every Tuesday from noon to 6 pm since early summer.

It’s possible you’re all burned out on Farmers’ Markets or you think that it’s now so late in the season that there won’t be anything good left at this one. But you’d be wrong! I have been through several different farmers’ markets this season. I’ve seen everything from tiny, three tent gatherings where I was the only guest, to enormous events that host everything from produce to paper goods. These gigantic markets draw such large crowds that it’s often a struggle just to get close enough to the tents to see what they offer.

I imagine that during the peek of the season, Harvard’s market falls closer to that end of the scale. Now though, this market, located in the Science Center Plaza, is perfect.

Squash display at the Farmers' Market. Photo by Elizabeth Coyle.

Squash display at the Farmers’ Market. Photo by Elizabeth Coyle.

Why the Harvard Farmers’ Market is Special

A unique offering at this market is the various hot dishes for sale. Several of the tents offer soups, cider, or chili, but you can also get a hot meal from one of the several food trucks hovering around the edges of the farmers’ market.

The tents are set up between batches of artistic seating and the food trucks park on either side of the market. You could come here to get all your produce shopping finished and then stay for a lovely park in the Autumn weather.

Now for the good stuff: what’s actually offered at Harvard’s Farmers’ Market? The short answer is everything. For a thorough list of every item for sale at this market, you’ll have to make the trip out here and check it out for yourself. There were so many nooks and crannies beneath every tent that I couldn’t take a complete inventory. I almost expected the market tables to be close to bare since it’s so late in the season. I was wildly mistaken and very pleasantly surprised.

Produce for sale at Harvard's Farmers' Market. Photo by Elizabeth Coyle.

Produce for sale at Harvard’s Farmers’ Market. Photo by Elizabeth Coyle.

For Sale at the Harvard Farmers’ Market

For starters, expect to find the whole gamut of produce, not just squash, apples, and other seasonal goods. There was a hefty supply of peppers, greens, and crates of delicate cranberries, just as you’d expect at any farmer’s market during the summer months. I also saw innumerable bottles of fresh maple syrup. Honey was available in vintage glass jars, tiny tins, or the familiar plastic bears.

Several items I had not expected to see included fresh lobster, goat cheese, fresh pasta, and sauces. Several tents were selling cookies and baked goods. There were artisanal jams and beeswax candles. I felt like I’d stumbled upon an Autumnal Fairground. It’s definitely the type of place you could spend a pleasant afternoon. The surrounding grassy areas are prime picnic seating.

Getting to the Harvard Farmer’s Market

The market is located in the Science Center Plaza, just of the MBTA red line at the Harvard Square train stop. It’s extremely walkable and has great views of the historic buildings that make up Harvard’s campus.

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– Elizabeth Coyle, Content Writer