Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge

Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge

Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge. Photo by Elizabeth Coyle.

Veggie Galaxy is a classic diner in Cambridge with an entirely vegetarian menu. For me, the name’s meaning is twofold, signifying both the nature of the diner, with it’s slightly space age vibe, complete with chrome light fixtures and arched ceiling, and also the fully vegetarian fare. This is a place where vegetarians rule the world. They don’t need to ask if dishes can be made without meat or whether the desserts contain animal fat. Veggie Galaxy is a safe place.

Veggie Galaxy's Counter Stools

Veggie Galaxy’s Counter Stools. Photo courtesy of Veggie Galaxy.

It’s also a delicious place. Even your most carnivorous friends will be hard pressed to find a dish they don’t enjoy. They’ll be dragging tofu through the last dregs of vegan sauce on their plate and wishing for seconds. They may even find themselves swearing up and down to the staff that they’re going to start making tofu at home.

I should also mention that the staff is phenomenal. They’d probably make you feel right at home as you tell them all about your wily meat-eating ways. And then they might just convert you. If any restaurant could convert you to a vegetarian, it’s this one.

Seating at Veggie Galaxy

Pastry Case in Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge

Pastry Case in Veggie Galaxy. Photo courtesy of Veggie Galaxy.

Just inside the door, there’s a dazzling display of vegan desserts spinning inside a glass case. Feel free to stand there for a moment and watch the delicacies twirl slowly in the soft light. That should get you all revved up for the delicious meal coming your way. It definitely worked for me.

By the time the hostess seats you a few minutes later, you’ll be bouncing in your booth like a little kid. While you’re at it, bounce up and hang your jacket on the available hooks. Most booths had a cozy but sleek coat rack attached to it, as if to say, “Come, have a cup of coffee in my spaceship.” It’s delightful.

The restaurant also caters nicely to single diners too. If you come alone, you’ll be seated on a bar stool overlooking the sizzling grill. Busy chefs prepare each dish right before your eyes while the gentle scent of rye bread floats over the counter. Each new plate of food sits briefly beneath heat lamps before being whisked away by servers. Not a bad view, in my opinion.

Food Options at Veggie Galaxy

Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge

Club Sandwich at Veggie Galaxy. Photo by Elizabeth Coyle.

Once settled, you’ll begin to read the menu. At first glance, it’ll probably seem overwhelming in its sheer number of options, especially for a vegetarian who’s used to only having one or two suitable dishes to choose from. How can there be so many pages? I asked myself as I flipped through two sections of sandwiches. I didn’t even know there were this many ways to make a vegetarian sandwich.

As someone who occasionally makes herself somewhat disappointing LTs, I was tempted to try Veggie Galaxy’s BLT (with tempeh “bacon”), but I opted instead for the Club Sandwich. Something about the pesto called to me, along with the tantalizing, almost rebellious idea of ordering a sandwich that typically comes laden with two types of meat. I was not disappointed.

Trust a vegetarian when they tell you that it’s possible to do tofu well and it’s possible to do tofu very, very badly. Veggie Galaxy does it perfectly. It’s crispy on the outside, but still tender and full of flavor. Towards the end of my meal when I was too full to continue, I tugged a little piece of tofu from my sandwich and ate it by itself. It was that good.

I must have looked like I was in veggie heaven since the woman sitting beside me leaned over and asked if the Club was good. We both had our mouths full, me with the Club and her with the BLT, so we just sat there smiling at each other as we chewed. Neither wanted to stop for the sake of conversation.

Veggie Galaxy's Chocolate Cream Pie

Veggie Galaxy’s Chocolate Cream Pie. Photo courtesy of Veggie Galaxy.

Both the BLT and Club Sandwich are some of their most popular menu items, along with the Reuben, their delectable all day breakfast, and a whole slew of vegan milkshakes. Luckily, a huge menu simply means I have to keep going back for more. I am not complaining.

Getting to Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge

Veggie Galaxy
450 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

Veggie Galaxy is easily accessible by public transportation. It is located just off the Central Square stop on the Red Line of the MBTA. 

[pw_map address=”450 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139″]

-Elizabeth Coyle, Content Writer