College Majors in Demand

college majors

Computer Programming College Major. Photo courtesy of Steve Jurvetson

It’s hard to pick a college major. It is recommended that when trying to select a major, you pay attention to factors like your personal interests, prospective careers, and the availability those careers in the current job market. (Click here for more information about college majors, courtesy of CollegeBoard.)

The Most Highly-Sought College Majors

Forbes compiled a list of the top majors that a student can pursue if they are hoping to enter a sought-after field after graduation. They conducted a study that took into account 120 college majors, and analyzed them in terms of their job growth projections. Rankings were determined by assessing median starting pay, median mid-career pay, any salary growth, and the amount of job opportunities in the current market.

By a landslide, prospective engineering, mathematics, and technology students have the upper hand. Mathematics, science, and technology are the prime subjects to dive into when pursuing any of these majors. Skills in these fields are highly sought because they are at the forefront of human advancement.

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