Feel at Home at Frank’s Steakhouse

Frank’s Steakhouse is everything you’d expect a classic steakhouse to be and so much more. When I envision the perfect steakhouse, I see a restaurant that immediately feels like home when you walk in the door. It’s clear that if they know anything, it’s how to cook a piece of meat. They don’t take themselves too seriously, but know that they are serving up a delicious plate of food and an equally great experience.

That’s exactly how Frank’s is.

It’s well-known by the locals, even on a Wednesday night, the place was crowded and abuzz with chatter. Even on the walk there from Porter Square, I heard someone say “Let me know when you are free! I’ll take you to Frank’s.”

About Frank’s Steakhouse

Established in 1938, Frank’s boasts that it is Greater Boston’s very first steakhouse. It’s hard to dispute that fact, as the walls of the restaurant are lined with picture upon picture of the restaurant throughout the years – and many are in black and white.

It’s located close by Porter Square, about a ten minute walk from the T station. Co-Owner George Ravanis loves the location, stating that it is “close to the hustle of Cambridge, but secluded enough for a homey feel.” His family took over the restaurant in 1974.

Franks Restaurant interior

Interior of Frank’s. Photo Courtesy of Frank’s Steakhouse.

The restaurant’s elegant, yet understated leather booths reflect the timelessness that is Frank’s. While the restaurant certainly is old, it doesn’t feel “old,” as it has seen many renovations throughout the years.

I mean renovations in every sense of the word. The first Frank’s was actually across the street from its current location, where they moved to in 1940. And believe it or not – they used to serve Chinese food! According to their website, one of the very first chefs at Frank’s, Wee Leo, would hook the regulars up with a mean plate of Chinese food if they weren’t in the mood for something off the regular menu.

Throughout the restaurant’s almost 80 years, nobody can remember a “Frank” owning Frank’s. However, George confirmed this local legend for me during my visit: when the restaurant began, there was no name yet established. However, a friendly drunk by the name of Frank always sat at the first stool in the bar and the owners decided to name the restaurant after him!

Dining Experience at Frank’s Steakhouse

Frank's Steakhouse

Chicken Fritters at Frank’s Steakhouse

When looking at the menu at Frank’s for the first time, there was no way I was going to come to steakhouse and not order a steak. That just seems blasphemous. More on that later.

To start, my guest and I wanted something small for an appetizer, something that wouldn’t interfere with the massive steak to come. He ordered a clam chowder and I got a small house salad with Italian dressing. Additionally, we also got the chicken fritters. As pictured above, you can see that it is chicken tenders topped with gravy. It was simple but very tasty and a good start to the meal.

Frank's Steakhouse

Prime Rib with Scallops

For an entrée, I decided on the NY Strip Steak with Mushroom Burgundy sauce, cooked medium (I’ll never understand how someone can eat a well-done steak, but I digress). I was stuck choosing between that or the Prime Rib, so luckily my guest order the Prime Rib and Scallops.

It’s almost difficult to put into words how juicy the steak and prime rib were. You didn’t even need a knife to cut the prime rib, it was so tender. Paired with a delightfully rich au jus, it was out-of-this-world delicious.

My steak was also excellent, and the baked potato I had on the side was cooked perfectly. The skin was slightly crunchy and topped with just the right amount of cheese and sour cream as to not overwhelm the potato.

Frank's Steakhouse

NY Strip Steak with Mushroom Burgundy sauce

Our plates were so big that we couldn’t finish our meals (they made great midnight snacks, though). We saved just enough room to split a dessert: chocolate cheesecake. It was the perfect size slice for the two of us to share. The cheesecake was creamy and chocolaty and the crust was nicely cooked – not too hard like some crusts tend to be.

Next time you are craving a steak and a restaurant with a homey atmosphere, there is no better place to go than Frank’s Steakhouse!

 – Alicia Lazzaro, Editor-in-Chief