East End Grille in Somerville

The East End Grille is a cozy and fun place to relax after a hard day’s work. Located in Somerville on Broadway, this bar/restaurant is split into two sections by an open-air ledge. With this division in place, the Grille feels comfortable and intimate on the bar side, and more open and fun on the other side (complete with a foosball table).

East End Grille Menu Options


Photo Courtesy of East End Grille

The food at the East End Grille is recognizable, but with added touches to make it feel more unique. For starters, there are wings, which are amply portioned and come in three varieties: Thai, Buffalo or BBQ; or you could go for the poutine, served with gravy, that compliments the cold weather outdoors with its comfort-food feelings. The fish tacos had a tangy sauce of pico de gallo, lettuce and lime cilantro that brought a fresh taste of summer, while the Glenn Street Burger was juicy and uniquely served on an English muffin.

The bar was by far the most crowded area, with diners enjoying their drinks and looking on at the fun chalk drawings written above the wide swath of drinks. The East End Grille has plenty of beer to enjoy, along with a comprehensive list of familiar and unique cocktails, such as the Bees Knees, with Tanqueray, lemon and honey, or the Resist to Arrest, with Jägermeister & G&W Whiskey, topped with coke.

Beyond their tasty food, the prices at the East End Grille are very reasonable, with most entrees in the $10-$20 range; however, the portions are definitely sizable, so even going for a sandwich or a few appetizers will be filling. The Grille is conveniently located around the corner and down the street from the Sullivan Square T stop on the Orange Line; make sure to check this place out!

East End Grille, Somerville

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Sarah Terhune, Intern