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Online learning isn’t only for adults. There are a number of great services that provide practical, fun lessons and courses for children. Even pre-school and kindergarten students can enjoy online courses.

The best thing about these courses is that they provide a jumpstart to your child’s education, while also being tons of fun. Convenient online lessons allow kids to learn whenever they please, and can nurture a child’s passion for learning.

If you’re a parent in search of some high quality online resources for your child, you’re in luck. Below, you’ll find several online resources we recommend for pre-school and kindergarten age children.

Complete Online Curriculum with

Those looking for a wide range of online learning activities for their child should turn to This website provides a full online curriculum for children in pre-school through kindergarten, and helps foster an enjoyment of learning in young children.

children,online courses,education,cambridge,ma

Photo courtesy offers over 450 lessons at six levels that guide kids through from pre-school, through pre-K, and into kindergarten. These lessons include puzzles, interactive storybooks, and games sure to engage your young student, all while they have fun learning!

One of the best parts about this site is how much its courses actually cover. offers lessons on a variety of subjects, from reading and math to music and art. The site even includes beginning lessons in science and social studies to give young kids the extra edge as they prepare to enter school.

The site also includes a number of resources to help parents oversee their child’s learning experience. An interactive lesson builder allows parents to customize activities based on their child’s interests and needs, while a comprehensive progress tracker keeps tabs on what activities kids have completed as well as their current academic level.

And the best part?’s award-winning production team is constantly creating new activities and content for the site. With such a huge selection of engaging lessons, is a great resource to provide your child with vital educational skills while they have fun learning.

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