Best Outdoor Study Spots in Cambridge

Best outdoor study spots in Cambridge

I understand how frustrating it is to study/work during the summer, especially when your friends are traveling around the world and sending you snaps with the hashtag #beachlife or #summervibe.

Can’t stand one more second in your apartment? Tired of the school library? Had enough coffee?  Wanna enjoy the summer? Time to discover some of the best outdoor study spots in Cambridge!

John F. Kennedy Park

best outdoor study spots in Cambridge, John F. Kennedy Park

John F. Kennedy Park

John F. Kennedy Memorial Park has the best to offer as an outdoor study spot in Cambridge. Located at the corner of Memorial Drive and JFK street, the park is right between Harvard Square and the Charles River Reservation. It’s a quiet, shady spot with less traffic pollution and a better view of the Charles River. Every Sunday through June to October, Memorial Drive by the park is shut down, which makes the park even quieter than normal days. The only downside: sometimes the passing bikers can be distracting. However, if you ever want to get away from the busy and noisy crowd for a while, you won’t go wrong by grabbing a book and a blanket to JFK Park around sunset time.

[pw_map address=”970 Memorial Dr., Cambridge MA 02138″]

Location: 970 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA 02138

Noise Level: Quiet

Facilities: None

Banks of the Charles River

best outdoor study spots in Cambridge, Banks of the Charles River

Banks of the Charles River

Along the banks of Charles River, you can study and get tan at the same time. Whether it’s around the Esplanade on the Boston side or Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path, you can easily find a nice spot to study. To make yourself comfortable, bring a pair of sunglasses and a water bottle. You’ll need to be careful of streams of joggers and bikers and flocks of wild geese. If you ever need some inspiration for your school work, this is a perfect place as you can see all kinds of interesting people passing by. However, if you need concentration, this is definitely not what you will be looking for.

[pw_map address=”Charles River Esplanade, Boston MA”]

Location: Banks of the Charles River

Noise Level: Loud

Facilities: None

Harvard Yard

best outdoor study spots in Cambridge, Harvard Yard

Harvard Yard

You feel smarter already when you step on the greensward of Harvard Yard. Surrounded by freshman dorms, classroom buildings and libraries of one of the most prestigious Ivy League universities in the world, you have no reason to be unproductive here in the yard.

It’s the oldest part of Harvard University. The colorful chairs scattered on the grassy land add some modern radiance to this historical scene. It’s now a Harvard landmark printed on its brochures and postcards. Sounds classic, right? However, it also means that thousands of overzealous tourists will stop by and take pictures. If you have no problem with that, take over one of the Harvard Yard chairs!

[pw_map address=”2 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA 02138″]

Location: 2 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Noise Level: Medium

Facilities: Campus Wi-Fi, restroom nearby, water fountain nearby.

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