Pemberton Farms Marketplace

Pemberton Farms Marketplace

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Pemberton Farms, is a local top notch marketplace that provides a variety of high-quality goods. If you search Pemberton Farms on Yelp, it falls under the categories of Nurseries & Gardening, Beer, Wine & Spirits and Grocery. Yes, that’s true. Pemberton Farms Marketplace is a unique combination of all of the above, plus it also has a popular deli counter and gifting service.

Pemberton Farms Garden CenterIt’s an 86-year-old and 3-generation family business. Granddad Tofic Saidnawey opened the original fruit and vegetable shop in 1930 and since then, Pemberton packed every order with only premium and fresh goods and provided its customers with awesome service. Now it has evolved into an all-around marketplace, but still, it maintains the “old-fashioned” values of good quality and service from generations past.

One thing that did change through the years was that it kept embracing new concepts of healthy lifestyle by providing customized items for people with special diets and people with environmentally-friendly concerns.

Pemberton Farms: Grocery Store

Pemberton Farms, produce from local farms

Produce from local farms

Pemberton defined itself as a customer-created grocery store. Aside from daily basics, it also offers customer-requested, unique products. A customer can contact the specialty grocery buyer whenever he/she needs something that Pemberton doesn’t currently carry.

The shop is famous for its fresh and organic local produce. It offers products from local farmers, most likely to be less known organic brands that you won’t see in big grocery chains.  Some customers complained that it’s a little bit pricey.

Pemberton Farms Deli counter

Deli counter

I would say it’s relatively expensive as compared to normal grocery stores, but on the same level as most upscale ones such as Whole Foods. However, it’s worth it because it makes up with a larger range of better selection which you’re likely to come back for.

Another thing that makes customers come back again is its Deli menu. Pemberton makes delicious, massive sandwiches and desserts. They have a “frequent sandwich” card that offers one free sandwich after you buy 10 of them. There are a variety of choices on the menu, but you can be as creative as you want and make your own sandwich!

Pemberton Farms: Garden Center

Pemberton Farms Garden Center

Pemberton Garden Center

The Garden Center has offered the finest indoor and outdoor plant and gardening supplies for over 20 years.

Aside from the plant quality and selection, what makes Pemberton special is its garden services guy, the Jack of all trades, who answers any questions you have and gives you a variety of recommendations.

Not only you can find everything you need, but also you’ll learn everything you didn’t know before. The gardening expert even publishes gardening blogs on the Pemberton website. Additionally, the center regularly holds gardening workshops that help customers improve their gardening knowledge and offers plants selection guides that help them make the best purchase.

Pemberton Farms: Liquor Store

Pemberton Farms Drink Pink! Rose wine tasting event

Drink Pink! Rose wine tasting event

Pemberton has the best selections of craft beers and fine wines around. Also, it engages with local community by holding tasting events.

Summer Spirits Spectacular is one of its most well-known free annual tasting events, where it displays some of the area’s best summery craft spirits and cocktails, such as Barr Hill Gin & Vodka; Boston Harbor Distillery; Old Ipswich Rums; Leopold Gins; Bully Boy Whiskeys, Rums & Vodkas; New Holland Gins, and so on.

Overall, Pemberton Farms is a great place to find hard-to-finds, to discover new discoveries, and to enjoy pleasant customer services. Come to visit it next time you’re around Davis Square/Porter Square and support local small business!

Pemberton Farms Marketplace Location:

[pw_map address=”2225 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140″]

-Savannah Zhu, Content Writer