Boston Music Venues

Boston Music Venues

Photo by Matthew Shelter

Boston Music Venues

The best part about living in Boston (or any major city, really) is that a show rarely skips over us. Go check out the next month’s line-up at any Boston music venue, and chances are each one has a major act coming up that you’ve wanted to see.

But where do you go?

Thankfully, music genres are essentially separated by neighborhood here in Boston to make it easier for you. If you’re into hard rock, alternative, or grunge, then Allston/Brighton’s the place for you.

Should your taste lean more towards the jazzy side of things, then the South End is your new Friday night home. Finally, fun family concerts can be found underneath the Hatch Shell or at Berklee College of Music’s concert hall in Back Bay.

Whatever your taste, there are Boston music venues for you.

Paradise Rock Club

967 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

boston music venues

Photo courtesy of John Phelan

I have the biggest soft spot for Paradise. It’s located right behind the dorm I lived in during my freshman year, and it has a nice homey feel to it that larger venues miss out on.

Paradise Rock Club also hosts tons of big acts like La Roux, Haim, and CHVRCHES (I obviously love my female vocalists). It’s surprising for the size of the venue and tough in terms of finding tickets, but a show at Paradise is kind of unparalleled. I’ve never been farther than six people away from the stage at any show I’ve gone to. Granted, that probably has more to do with who I’m seeing than the venue itself, but either way it’s a fantastic opportunity.

If you’re looking to check out Paradise any time soon, make sure you get your tickets ahead of time. I’m going to be bummed for the rest of the day because Jesse McCartney’s show sold out before I heard about it.

boston music venuesBrighton Music Hall

158 Brighton Ave., Allston

Brighton Music Hall is another great venue located just a hop, skip, and a trip away from BU’s campus. It’s a bit bigger than Paradise, but BMH has the same close-knit feel that Paradise has. Makes sense, considering they’re both owned by Crossroads Presents, a concert promoter based in Boston that focuses heavily on alternative music.

The acts at Brighton Music Hall are usually a bit more obscure than those at Paradise–see Synchronicity, The Shills, and a bunch of other bands that most people (unfortunately) haven’t heard of.

However, the venue does have three bars, so even if you don’t know who the band is, you can still have a great time.

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