Visit MIT’s Open House

This Saturday, April 23, one of the most famous Cambridge institutions is opening its doors to the public: MIT, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This world-famous school has the prestige to be a household name, and at MIT’s open house, all are welcome!

What It Offers

Photo by vobios

Photo by vobios

Regardless if you’re a science buff or a layman, this event is all-encompassing, with 350 events planned for people of all ages and ranges. The open house is family friendly, with children’s activities, but it also has options that adults and educators will find fun and informational. It’s that time of the year for high school Juniors and Seniors to begin looking towards college, and for those who find tours daunting or uninteresting, they can check out MIT in a fun and casual environment.

Getting There

To get all the information one could ever want about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and this specific and special event, look at the event website here to get everything you need. The best way to reach MIT is on public transportation, the T, specifically the Red Line, at either the Kendall Station or Central Square stops. For further information on MIT, such as a brief history, click here to read about this school’s legacy and unique features.