Springtime in the City

When the weather gets warmer, the snow melts and you’re tired of feeling cooped up from the winter, Cambridge is a great place to step back out into the sunshine and explore what this city has to offer. Sure, it’s a great place to visit regardless of the weather, but there’s something so refreshing about planning an activity in the springtime that will get you and your guests feeling renewed.

Cambridge Common

Cambridge Common

Photo by Jae Hoon Kim

To kick off that warm-weather feeling, go to one of Cambridge’s sprawling parks and take in the scenery. For example, Cambridge Common, located in Harvard Square, would be a great place to take your kids to learn about history and have some playtime.

This park is both a historical landmark, as George Washington once gathered his revolutionary troops here, and it has a fun playground for kids age 1-10 to romp around in. This beautiful space is a great stop for anyone looking for relax with a picnic or just a quick breather amid the greenery.

Fresh Pond Reservation


Walking trail in Fresh Pond, Cambridge MA

Photo by Leslee__atFlickr

If you’re looking to feel even more in-touch with nature, the Fresh Pond Reservation is a great location. This 155-acre reservoir (still within the city!) has plenty to offer, besides its one-path walkway that loops around the entire body of water. The next item on Fresh Pond’s agenda is activism and education, as it offer programs that are all about this season’s topic, spring.

For example, for any ornithologists (otherwise known as bird enthusiasts) out there, there is a Fresh Pond Owl Prowl happening on March 28th. This event boasts an “evening stroll with CWD staff to Weir Meadow to listen and hoot for owls!”

Museum of Science

Unfortunately, spring weather doesn’t always cooperate with schedules and events, so nature isn’t always available. However, you can go to the National Parks Adventure at the Museum of Science to substitute your natural instincts. This IMAX film brings its viewers on a tour of beautiful landscapes even beyond its Cambridge location; adventurers will get to see spots such as Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks and the Everglades. Most people would be lucky to get to visit any of these American landscapes, so this IMAX experience is a great way to get away from some spring showers.

Sarah Terhune, Intern