Lesley University Art Show

Lesley University Art Show

Photo by osseous

This spring, Lesley University is offering plenty of art exhibitions to fulfill any art lover’s interests, and the artists are none other than their graduating seniors. Most of the installations are going to be ending soon, so if you’re interested, make sure to catch a glimpse of their innovative art before it’s gone.

Lesley University Art Show: Photography

Lesley University Art Show

Photo by Maryam Zahirimehr

For photography lovers, the graduating artists have installed some of their works at the Roberts and Raizes Gallery, in order to show their talents and skills acquired during their learning. From the Lesley website: “Every year College of Art and Design graduate students expand the possibilities of contemporary practice as they prepare to further their careers in the arts and arts related fields.”

This graduating class is going on to great things in their artistic careers, so make sure to check out their work so you can tell your grandkids you knew them when. Titled “Borderlands”, this installation ends on May 1st, and is located at the Lunder Arts Center, 1801 Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge.

Lesley University Art Show: Animation

Lesley University Art Show

Photo from Lesley.edu

Attend this free screening of the graduating senior’s animation skills and accomplishments at the Lucad Senior Animation show. In the age of multi-media, cartoons aren’t strictly for kids anymore, and what better place to enjoy some fresh and creative work from innovative artists than a student’s exhibition?

This event takes place on May 12, at the Brattle Theater, which is located at 40 Brattle Street in Cambridge. Over the years, the quality and quantity of animation has changed again and again, and this event will show what’s going on right this moment in this specific field.

Online Access

To get a glimpse into this artistic world before the events, check out the student galleries available on the Lesley University website. The pages are categorized by fields of interest, such as Design, Fine Art, Photography and others. You can also explore the specific majors that foster these pieces; even if you’re not interested in pursuing a career or degree in art, this available information provides insight into what goes into the educating of an artist.

-Sarah Terhune, Intern