Cambridge Winter Farmers Market

Cambridge Winter Farmers Market

Photo by Didriks

City life can be a haven for those who came to Cambridge for college, jobs or simply a change of pace. The MBTA is accessible throughout, the culture in Cambridge is intellectual and engaging, and the people are their own quirky population.

However, one thing that can perhaps be missed among pavement and trolley cars is fun and freshness of a farmer’s market, especially in a climate where snow can fall in the morning but by the evening you’re opening your windows to let a cool breeze in. Thankfully, the Winter Farmer’s Market in Cambridge can bring a touch of home-grown organics into a city.

What The Cambridge Winter Farmers Market Offers

Farmers Market

Photo by Devlon Duthie

Starting January 9th, the market is open on Saturdays from 10am-2pm in the Cambridge Community Center. The market is open until April 30th, so visit it while you can! In the interest of full disclosure, the market does happen to be housed in a gym, but don’t let the location distract from the goods available.

In the FAQ section of their website, the Cambridge Winter Farmers Market boasts: “vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, cheese, bread, eggs, pasta and sauces, jam, cookies, candy, even wine.” That kind of variety of display means that you don’t have to go just if you’re trying out a new ratatouille recipe. Furthermore, membership isn’t needed, and this experience is definitely more fun than a typical trip to the supermarket.

Community Value

As mentioned before, Cambridge is a city that has education, entertainment and social interests all mixed into one community. To really get the most out of a visit, then, checking out the products that are made locally and sold within their own community is something special. Everyone has their own preference on grocery store chains, and while their convenience cannot be beat, the locally sourced products is definitely a winner.

-Sarah Terhune, Intern