Breakfast at Bagelsaurus


Baked fresh at Bagelsaurus. Photo courtesy of Bagelsaurus.

Look out, bakeries of Cambridge, and look out Union Square Donuts—a new shop on Massachusetts Avenue between Porter Square and Harvard Square has mastered the donut’s close rival when it comes to O shaped breakfast treats.

For those carb-enthusiasts who are willing to come early and wait in line, Bagelsaurus has the most delicious breakfast you’ll find in Cambridge.

About Bagelsaurus


A BLT at Bagelsaurus. Photo courtesy of Bagelsaurus.

What started out in 2013 as a weekly pop-up shop at Cutty’s sandwich shop in Brookline turned into a small café that knows how to keep a full house. Bagelsaurus’s website describes the shop as a “modern bagel bakeshop and café” whose specialty lies in “handmade, slow-fermented bagels.”

This labor of love requires over 24 hours for the fermentation process to occur, while the bagels are made out of only five humble ingredients. That sounds like an awfully good deal compared to the overly processed, spongy bagels we tend to settle for at different chain franchises.

In the first few months of Bagelsaurus’s opening, many people wondered why it always seemed to be closed. The answer is the frenzy of customers who come to take every last bagel from the shop, often far before the designated closing time.

That’s when you know you’re getting something real and fresh. There’s no back-up stash of bagels in the freezer—what you get in your bag was made from scratch only a matter of hours ago.

Bagelsaurus Menu


A bagel with avocado and beet hummus. Photo courtesy of Bagelsaurus.

At Bagelsaurus, your choice of bagels is plain, sea salt, sesame, poppy, everything, pretzel, onion, cinnamon raisin, black olive, seeded wheat, and cheddar garlic. Top it with your choice of five different cream cheeses or two different butters. Vegans have a choice between almond butter and beet hummus.

Other toppings are hard to choose from, and include cucumbers, red onions, roasted tomatoes, avocado, bacon, ham, or hot smoked salmon. Bagelsaurus has an enticing sandwich menu as well, featuring classics like BLTs to unique items like the eggspanola, which includes egg, Maplebrook feta, pimenton aioli, and parsley gremolata.

I went with an onion bagel filled with scallion cream cheese, avocado, and bacon, and it was honestly one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten since I’ve lived in Cambridge.

As an espresso-drink enthusiast, I was hoping to get a latte, and was at first a little disappointed by Bagelsaurus’s short beverage menu; but once I got my cup of coffee, sourced from La Colombe in Philadelphia, I was right back in heaven.

The simplistic, no-frills nature of Bagelsaurus is really what it’s all about. They don’t sacrifice quality for fancy details, and that’s why my simple meal was so incredibly good.

Come in on weekends from 8-10am to skip the line and buy a grab bag: a mixed baker’s dozen (which, if you


Coffee at Bagelsaurus. Photo courtesy of Bagelsaurus.

don’t know, means 13) for only $25 in cash only.

Bagelsaurus Location and Hours

Bagelsaurus is located at 1796 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, only a short walking distance from the Porter Square T stop on the MBTA Red Line.

They are open Tuesday through Friday from 7am to 3pm (or until sell out), and on weekends from 8am to 3pm (or until sell out). They are closed on Mondays.

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-Elise Grenier, Content Editor