Five Educational Websites for Kids

Kid on computer. Photo by abbamouse. educational websites for kids

Kid learning on computer. Photo by abbamouse

There are many websites designed specifically for children.  Read below for five fun and educational websites for kids.

FunBrain.Com is a great Educational website for kids.  It makes learning fun. I remember this website and being slightly upset when I found out it was educational.  Even though I was learning, I was still having fun, and of course, I had to beat the level I was on.

Looking for a challenge? Sign in to the Math Arcade and beat all 25 games. My personal favorite game is Math Baseball.

Not in the mood for math? No problem! On you can also play non-math games, grammar games, make a silly story with MadLibs, and read exiting books and comics.

[Editor’s Note: Looking for more fun kids activities? Click here!]

National Geographic Kids

Bald Eagle, Photo by pmarkham

Bald Eagle, Photo by pmarkham

Did you know that Bald Eagles aren’t really bald? Their name comes from an old English word, “balde”, which means white. Learn more about Bald Eagles and animals that live all over the world on National Geographic Kids.

Arrrrr you interested in buried treasure? Unleash your inner pirate and grab a parent or friend and learn how to design a fun-filled treasure hunt.

Watch videos about aquatic life, the planet, how lightning works, and more.

Feeling creative? Visit the “My Shot Back Talk” section and create a caption for an animal picture.

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