Keep Your Property Safe On Campus

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Photo courtesy Michigan State University

Campus life is a whole lot of fun. Well, until your property gets stolen.

In the rush of classes, clubs, and more, it’s easy to forget that theft happens on college campuses. I’m not saying everyone’s out to steal your stuff, but it’s a simple fact that theft happens at school, just as it does in everyday life.

Whether you’re gearing up for your first year of college, or you’re a seasoned on-campus veteran, we’ve listed a few precautions you should consider to ensure your belongings stay safe at school.

Purchase a Laptop Computer Lock

on campus, theft, college, cambridge, ma

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As a college student, you’ll probably have a laptop computer. They’re great for taking notes, doing research, and checking Facebook during boring lectures. Their portability also make them great for bringing to class, or heading off to the library to do some extra work.

This important device will also be one of the more expensive items you own. And because of that, it’ll be a potential target for theft. To help prevent laptop theft, you can invest in a computer lock.

Think of this as a bike lock for your computer. The lock attaches to your laptop via the security slot, then wraps around a sturdy structure like a desk or table, making it particularly difficult for a thief to snatch away.

You’ll rest easy knowing your laptop isn’t going somewhere any time soon. If you’re looking for a computer lock, you should check out SecureOnCampus.Com. Their website specializes in campus safety products, and offers a number of high quality computer locks.

Extra Tip: Invest in an external hard-drive

on campus, theft, college, cambridge, ma

Photo by Karen

There’s nothing worse than losing big projects or class notes halfway through the semester. In the event your computer gets stolen, falls prey to a virus, or just plain doesn’t work, you’ll want to make sure you have all your data backed-up.

To make sure you’re protected, purchase an external hard-drive and get in the habit of backing up your files. It might be a little annoying copying your files to another drive, but you’ll be glad you did when you run into computer trouble.

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