ImprovBoston Mainstage Show

Saturday Night Mainstage Show at ImprovBoston


Some of the MainStage cast at ImprovBoston. Photo courtesy of ImprovBoston

My boyfriend, Pat, and I were lucky enough to catch the Saturday Night Mainstage show at ImprovBoston one weekend. Having only ever been to a random improv show at my school, Emerson College, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of ImprovBoston. Needless to say, it was hilarious.

[Editor’s Note: Want to learn more on how to be an improv comedian? Click here.]

The hour and a half long show kept Pat and me laughing the entire time. The stage at Improv is minimal, to let the comedians shine. On stage was a simple wall with a window and door cut out, a few chairs, and that’s it.

Five of Improv’s great cast members lit up the stage that night: Ken Breese, Nate Lopez, Mickey McCauley, Kristina Smarz and Jenna O’Brien. Each had their own style of comedy, but all meshed together seamlessly to transition from joke to joke and scene to scene.

Some of the night is based upon audience suggestions. The cast asked the audience to yell out the first thing that comes to mind and they performed a skit incorporating what we came up with. They also had some audience members go up on stage and help out in one scene. The audience members had to finish the sentence of the cast. Some were great, others not so improvisational, yet the cast easily went along with it.ImprovBoston

The last skit of the night was perhaps the best. By audience suggestion, the cast members had to step forward and say “sex with me is like…”

While there is no age restriction, they do suggest that no one under the age of 16 come to shows later in the night. With the answers they gave to that last prompt, I can fully understand why. They do have a family show every Saturday at 6pm.

And with that, the show was over and we reluctantly left our seats. We were greeted with the smiling faces of the cast members as we exited the theaters, all with their hands up and ready for high fives.

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