Discounts for College Students

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It’s common knowledge that college is expensive. Classes alone run a steep price, and the dollar amount adds up quick once you pile on textbooks, class supplies, and more. For many, preparing for college also includes preparing to break the bank.

That said, you’d be surprised the number of businesses that offer student discounts and other cost-effective services. Before you go to school, consider the number of ways you can save on those necessary purchases.

If you’re hunting for some student discounts then you’re in luck. Below, we’ve compiled a few great student discounts that’ll help keep more money in your pockets at college.

Discount Computer Software at

discounts, student discount, college, cambridge, ma

Photo courtesy Madison College Media

Computer software and hardware are expense for everybody. However, having up-to-date tech is vital for today’s college students. Some college programs, particularly in the arts, will require students to have industry standard computer software, which often comes at a hefty price.

If you need to purchase computer software, use your status as a student to get some discounts at This website specializes in discount computer software and hardware for students and educators alike! offers essentials like Microsoft Office as well as more specialized applications for graphic design, video editing, and more. They also offer language software like Rosetta Stone, and anti-virus applications. And many of these programs can be conveniently downloaded directly through their website upon purchase.

It’s a smart decision to purchase professional level computer software if you know you’ll need it beyond your college career. You’ll be able to utilize your student discount to gain experience with industry standard tools, providing a head start for your job hunt.

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