December Events in Cambridge

December events in Cambridge

Snowmen and Christmas lights! Photo by: Digidreamgrafix

Well New England, the cold is finally here. December is upon us which means Christmas, frozen windshields, mountains of snow and winter coats. Some people may be dreading winter and others could be rejoicing; so in light of both kinds of people, assembled for you are fun and cheery December Events in Cambridge!

Harvard Square Holiday Fair

50 Church St on the 4th floor, Cambridge
Friday, December 11th-13th
St. Pauls Church, 29 Mt. Auburn St.
Friday, December 18th-23d
Admission: Free!

Coming to Cambridge on December 11th is the Harvard Square Holiday Fair, one of the oldest and most popular fairs in Boston! Celebrating its 30th season in 2015, the fair has moved to 2 new locations.

december events in cambridge

Harvard Square at Christmas time!

From Friday, December 11th to the 13th, this classic fair will take place on 50 Church St on the 4th floor (yes, there are elevators). But from Friday, December 18th to the 23d, the Harvard Square Holiday Fair will take place in the lower halls of St. Pauls Church on 29 Mt. Auburn St. This event takes place at 11:30 a.m.

This is one of the December Events in Cambridge not to be missed, I mean it lasts for 9 days! This spectacular craft fair combine’s local artisans and world traveling importers. This favorite holiday shopping destination will feature unique and affordable gifts.

Some of this year’s offerings include: clocks made from vintage tin ware, cashmere and wool sweaters remade into hats, mittens and handbags, handmade cards, prints and calendars, urban and nature photography, handwoven chenille scarves and hand blown glass!

There is so much more being offered at this traditional fair, I guess to find out you’ll have to go yourself!

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