Writing a College Admissions Essay

college admissions essay

Writing Your College Admissions Essay. Photo courtesy of milena mihaylova.

It’s never too early to start practicing for your college admissions essay. There are several ways to write a successful essay. Compiled below are top tips for students looking to wow the admissions board.

[Editor’s Note: Want even more tips? Click here to find out what a college admissions officer is looking for in an essay.]

Think About It

This can be the hardest part! A blank page can be frustrating if you aren’t sure what to write about.

To combat the power of the writer’s block, generate some ideas. Whether you are writing for the Common Application or for a specific university’s application, it’s important to respond as best you can to the provided prompt. Look it up on the university’s website and use it to springboard your thoughts.

Get It All Down

Write down every single idea, no matter how complete it is. These ideas are the foundation of your essay, so leave out no possibility for response. Choosing an idea comes next.

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