MICE Local Comics Showcase

Guests at MICE. Photo Courtesy of micexpo.org.

Guests at MICE. Photo Courtesy of micexpo.org.

If you love comic books and graphic novels, Cambridge is the place to be on October 17th and 18th. The Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo offers something for comic fans of all ages and interests.

About Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo

The Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo, or MICE, was established back in 2010 as a place for greater-Boston’s comic artists to share their work with the community. Lesley University College of Art and Design and the Boston Comics Roundtable team up for this annual comic lover’s heaven, which features more than 150 local comic creators.

MICE Poster Illustration by Jon Chad. Photo courtesy of micexpo.com.

Poster Illustration by Jon Chad. Photo courtesy of micexpo.com.

MICE’s website explains that it isn’t like other comic shows, whose focus is to make money off of memorabilia and comic sales. At its core, the purpose of MICE is to showcase the creative process and the art of making comics.

MICE will feature workshops for all ages, special guest artists, and discussion panels—and it’s all free and open to the public!

Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo Schedule

Saturday’s schedule will feature three workshops. In Comics For Life! Cartooning Workshop, Lucy Knisley, author of Relish: My Life in the Kitchen, will lead children and adults in a tutorial on caricature and story telling. Other workshops include Storyboarding Workshop and First Aid for Drawing Injuries.

Panels for Saturday include Black Independent Comics and Cartoonists, Iron Cartoonist contest, Writing About Comics, and What’s My Style? These events will run from 11am to 5pm.

Sunday’s itinerary includes another three workshops: Fable Comics Workshop, Unexpected Cartoons, and Mini-Comic Workshop. In Unexpected Cartoons, Cara Bean will lead participants of all ages in a variety of creative prompts.

Sunday’s panel lineup consists of Art of the Mini-Comic, Spotlight on Ryan North and Gene Luen Yang, and Parenthood and Comics. In Parenthood and Comics, five panelists will delve into the issue of what happens to an artist’s work when that artist becomes a parent.

Sunday’s events begin at 11:30am and will end at 4pm. Most of these events are listed as kid-friendly.

MICE Special Guests

MICE Map. Courtesy of micexpo.com.

MICE Map. Courtesy of micexpo.com.

MICE is proud to include five special guests in this year’s lineup. These guests are Gene Luen Yang, author of Secret Coders; Ryan North, author of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl; Lucy Knisley, author of Age of License; Dustin Harbin, author of Diary Comics; and Jennifer Hayden, author of Underwire.

These special guests will all have their own tables in the exhibition area, and will also be making appearances at several of the workshops and panels outlined above.

MICE Location and Hours

MICE will be located on the second floor of Lesley University’s University Hall (the former Porter Exchange Building) at 1815 Massachusetts Avenue. Show hours on Saturday are from 10am – 6pm, and on Sunday from 11am – 5pm.

Because parking is limited, guests are encouraged to use public transportation. University Hall is easily accessible on the Red Line as it is only a short walk from the Porter Square stop.

An opening reception for MICE will take place on Thursday, October 8th, from 5-8pm in this same location. Don’t forget to check out Lesley University College of Art and Design’s brand-new Lunder Arts Center right next door!

-Elise Grenier, Content Editor

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