Cambridge Ghost Tour

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Photo Courtesy Cambridge Historical Tours

Cambridge is rich in history, known for its intellectuals, creative icons, and American revolutionaries. But any area that’s existed as long as Cambridge is bound to have a few ghost stories.

If you’re looking to get in touch with the spookier side of Cambridge’s past this October, consider a ghost tour with Cambridge Historical Tours. I recently went on one of their ghost tours, and ended up with a wealth of knowledge on the area’s more strange and surreal happenings. And while most walking tours might be a bit dry, this one was really engaging.

Read on to learn more about Cambridge Historical Tours, and my experience on the Cambridge ghost tour.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: For tickets and info on this tour and more, click here.]

About Cambridge Historical Tours

ghost tour, old cambridge, walking tour, cambridge historical tours, cambridge, ma

Photo Courtesy Cambridge Historical Tours

Founded in 2011, this group seeks to bring the history of Cambridge alive with entertaining and educational walking tours. This company was started by Daniel Berger-Jones and Christopher Schultz, both former Players on Boston’s Freedom Trail. Seeing the untapped potential for Cambridge based tours, they brought their expertise in costumed storytelling and historical walking tours to Cambridge.

Each tour is led by a costumed guide playing the role of a character from Cambridge’s past, providing a uniquely interactive theatrical experience. If you’ve walked through Harvard Square, then you’ve surely seen these performers in their period-accurate garb, engaging with visitors and starting their tours.

Cambridge Historical Tours specializes in not just being informative, but being entertaining. Many of their guides are trained actors, and they make learning history a whole lot of fun.

Preview of Cambridge Historical Tours

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