Cool off at the Frost Ice Bar


The Frost Ice bar, located in Faneuil Hall, is the first of its kind in New England. It opened in the fall of 2013.

Kept at a chilly 21 degrees, the ice bar is sure to cool off all visitors, both children and adults alike. The Frost Ice Bar welcomes all visitors (minimum age is six). It is family friendly until late afternoon, where it becomes 21+. The bar sells both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at all times. The menu features a set of seasonal drinks and varies throughout the year.

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The Frost Ice Bar was designed and built by ICECulture of Ontario Canada. It was designed by Heidi Bayley. She and her team of sculptors and ice builders built the ice bar in eight days.

It contains about 135,000 pounds of pre-cut ice. The ice bar contains sculptures of a swan, a mermaid, an ice chandelier, ice booths and counters, an ice bar (of course) and much more.

The ice chandelier has 338 beads each weighing a little over three pounds.

The ice walls feature “portholes” so visitors can see outside.

Environmentally Conscious

The Frost Ice Bar was built and is operated with the environment in mind. It is projected to use less energy than the office that previously occupied the space.

Porthole at Frost Ice BarThere are high efficiency heat and air conditioning systems, efficient plumbing and hand dryers rather than paper towels.  Most rooms feature natural light, which decreased the use of electrical lights.

The ice bar’s glasses are made of ice, which helps reduce waste of disposable glasses, and the energy and water to wash reusable glasses.

The walls of the Ice Bar are built with insulation and are about five times greater insulated than most buildings. Combined with airlock transition rooms, the ice bar is knowledgeable about keeping their cool air in.

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