Club Passim in Harvard Square

If folk comes to mind when you think of your music taste, Club Passim has got you covered. If jazz comes to mind, Club Passim has got it. If country, Celtic, or rock comes to mind, it’s at Club Passim. If, coincidentally, Tuvan throat singing is in your favorites, look no further than Club Passim. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with this music genre, it is a singing technique in which the performer sings multiple pitches at the same time.) Basically, if you like live music, you’ll find something for you at Club Passim.

Club Passim Bob Dylan Joan Baez

Back when they were this age, Dylan and Baez started their careers at Club 47, now Club Passim. Photo by Archives Foundation.

What is Club Passim?

Currently, Club Passim is a musical performance space located in Harvard Square, but the organization has gone through several transformations throughout the years. It began as Club 47 in 1958, where it hosted performances by up-and-coming stars like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Joan Baez during the height of the Cambridge folk scene. In 1969, it became a jazz and blues club called Passim. Then in 1994, it became a nonprofit and mixed the two names from its history to become what we now know it as: Club Passim.

(Editor’s note: Looking for the best folk songs of the 60s? Get the classics here.)

Above all, Club Passim is dedicated to nurturing the live music community for both artists and audiences. It focuses on fostering the link between musicians, audiences, teachers, and students. You’ll find local, national, and international performers on this stage at more than 400 shows per year.

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