Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England

Enter Six Flags New England. Photo by Edward Beavers

About Six Flags New England

Among all the art museums, walking tours, delicious restaurants, American history, and esteemed colleges lies the thrill of a lifetime—Six Flags New England. Located in Agawam, Massachusetts, this theme park is a great day trip from the Cambridge and Greater Boston area. This is your guide to Six Flags New England!  Need to book your trip first? Click here our lowest prices, greatest selection travel tool. 

As you know from our burger tour and sunset cruise adventure, my boyfriend Alvaro and I love finding fun things to do in Massachusetts. That’s why we decided to take the hour-and-a-half long trip to Six Flags.

Transportation to Six Flags

zipcar six flags

Photo courtesy of Zipcar

The best way to get to Six Flags from Cambridge is by car. Alvaro and I rented a Zipcar, which allows you to rent cars by the hour or by the day. Gas is included for the journey, which definitely helps with longer trips like this. You can also get a free $25 in driving for new customers.

From Cambridge, the drive to Six Flags is easy: take I90 West for nearly 80 miles to Agawam, MA.

Six Flags is located in Agawam, which straddles the border between Connecticut and Massachusetts. It is very close to Springfield, so if you are visiting iconic cities in New England, this makes a great addition to your trip.

(Fun fact! Agawam has the lowest zip code in the United States—10010). Click below to book your car.

See page 2 for a breakdown of the roller coasters & rides.

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