College Dorm Packing Guide

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Photo by Matt Nazario-Miller.

Preparing for college can be a lot of work. And what’s one of the most important parts of that process? Packing for your dorm.

Think of your college dorm as your second home. You’ll be living there for about nine months out of the year, and you want it to be as comfortable as possible. You’ll need to pack clothes, bedding, toiletries, and more when getting ready for move-in day.

If you’re looking for advice on college dorm packing, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on what you’ll need to bring with you, as well as some helpful tips for dorm packing.

Pack Clothes for All Seasons

dorm, college, college dorm, cambridge, ma

Photo by Matt Mordfin

Obviously, you’ll need to pack clothes. You, uhh, kind of have to wear them every day. That said, packing clothes for college can be a bit tricky. You’ll be away from home for months at a time, and when planning ahead it can be easy to forget something you’ll need later in the year.

When packing for college, it’s important to bring clothes for all seasons and types of weather. This is especially true for those of you traveling far from home for school. Remember, you’re living in a new place, and that means different weather to deal with.

I’m from Upstate New York, and went to college in Boston. The weather wasn’t too different from what I was used to at home, and I was fine with what I brought to school. But my friends from the West Coast didn’t fare so well, and got caught unprepared for the cold New England winter.

Keep in mind where you’re going to school. If you’re headed to New England or the Northeast, be prepared for a cold, snowy winter. If you’re going down South, pack for warmer weather but don’t forget that it can get chilly down there too. And if you’re making the trek to Los Angeles, well, just bring shorts. It’ll be 75 degrees outside in the middle of December.

Tip: Bring extras of every day essentials

While most dorms have a laundry room somewhere in the building, the high concentration of students means those machines might not be ready when you want to use them. That’s a nightmare scenario when you’re all out of clean underwear.

Avoid having to wear dirty clothes by bringing extras of your essentials. You can never have too many clean socks, t-shirts, or pairs of underwear.

And a word of advice: flipping your underwear inside-out doesn’t mean they’re clean enough to wear. Don’t be gross, just bring extras!

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