The New School of Music

New School of Music

If you want to encourage a love of music, but want your kids to be a little more active than this, check out the New School of Music! Photo by Phillipe Put.

Singing in the shower is a universal tradition, but if you’ve decided that your voice deserves more of an audience than your shampoo and soap suds, you should check out the New School of Music in Cambridge.

What is the New School of Music?

New School of Music

Learn the instrument of your choice in private lessons or small classes. You choose! Photo by US Department of Education.

Despite its name, the New School of Music is not all that new. Founded in 1976 by Nicholas Van Slyck (an acclaimed American composer, conductor, and musician), the school has music classes for all ages in the community. And by all ages, I mean all ages – newborns, children, teens, and adults. And with this range in ages, they also offer instruction for a range of abilities and a variety of instruments.

The New School of Music is a nonprofit with over 30 faculty members dedicated to promoting music education through classes, performances, and community events. Have a certain style of music you want to play? They’ll instruct you in whatever your preference is – classical, jazz, folk, theater, pop, world music, and more.

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