The 119th Boston Marathon


Boston Marathon

The start of the Boston Marathon! I can’t believe the huge flood of people! Photo by: Wiley Davis

The world’s oldest annual tradition is back in town this year. The 119th Boston Marathon is coming. 26 miles, 385 yards and 42.195 kilometers; let’s do this Boston. This day, April 20th, will be more than just a day. April 20th will be a day of strength and perseverance; the people of Boston and all over the world will band together and become family.

The Boston Marathon has evolved into something more than just a road race; the Boston Marathon is hope, strength and courage all in one package.

On Monday, April 20th the streets of Boston will be filled with runners, on lookers, friends and strangers who all share one goal. That goal is to persevere. The Boston Marathon is a journey, so let’s get going.

Boston Marathon

Photo by: Selligpau

The Boston Athletic Association

The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A) has orchestrated the Boston Marathon ever since the events creation in 1897. The Boston Marathon is the only marathon a person must qualify for; this not only makes the race a runners dream but also adds to why the Boston Marathon is ranked as one of the world’s most prestigious races.

The B.A.A continues to run this American classic, which has been sponsored by John Hancock Financial Services since 1986. “The Boston Marathon has distinguished itself by virtue of its traditions, longevity and qualification” as stated by

More than 125 years later, the Boston Athletic Association continues to annually carry on the promise of the Boston Marathon. “The B.A.A. promotes living a healthy lifestyle through the support of comprehensive charity, youth, and year-round running programs”, as stated by

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