Best Hot Chocolate in Cambridge

hot chocolate

Sometimes snow can be beautiful; but so cold! Photo by Angelo Amboldi

Well New England we’ve been hit pretty hard this year with all the snow. It does not seem to stop! But even with all the cold, slush, and grouchy people there is one thing that this dreary weather can’t beat; and that is hot chocolate.

Nothing is better on a cold day than a nice warm cup of hot chocolate sitting in your hand. So because of all this nasty weather, the decision has been made to share with all you lovely people the best hot chocolate places around Cambridge!

hot chocolate

LA Burdick’s famous hot chocolate! Photo by Robyn Lee

LA Burdick Chocolate

52 Brattle St, Cambridge

Right in the heart of Harvard Square I bring to you one of the best hot chocolate places around; the LA Burdick Chocolate. Any chocolate lover will fall head over heels in love with this place.

Any flavor of hot chocolate can be produces here; this includes everything from Burdick blend dark chocolate to white chocolate to single source varieties and of course, the always classic milk chocolate.

Not only would it be wonderful to sit and chat with a friend or significant other with that creamy hot chocolate, but there is also a full array of chocolates and pastries to be seen as well! Just wait until you see the tiny mice and penguin chocolates; there are plenty to be had!

Splitting a hot chocolate and grabbing a box of those signature hand crafted mice and penguin chocolate treats sounds like a great way to forget about all the dreary and cold weather!

Crema Café

27 Brattle St, Cambridge

Best Hot Chocolate in Cambridge

Such interesting designs at Crema Cafe! Photo by Erik Parker

Crema Café, while mostly dealing with coffee and tea, brings something of noticeable importance to the table when thinking about hot chocolate. The atmosphere created by Crema Café gives off a comfortable home like vibe to it.

Going out for hot chocolate is fun, but when it’s snowing and you’re running around, the best places to stop for hot chocolate are the shops that feel like home. The rich and creamy flavors of Crema Café’s hot chocolate are almost to die for, but with the atmosphere it is very hard to say no!

From the wood floors, to the brick walls to the art decorating the interior; sipping on a warm hot chocolate in a relaxing environment is the way to go; especially when it’s snowing out and you can’t go home yet!

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