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Cambridge Events

I wish I knew how to play! Photo by: Photo Phiend

Cold, Cold Night

Oberon Theatre
2 Arrow St, Cambridge
Friday, March 27th at 8pm
Tickets: 20$

Even now near the end of March, New England is still struggling with the gigantic piles of snow that never seem to melt. I know that most people want

Cambridge Events

Beautiful flames. Photo by: Dennis Wilkinson

to forget about the cold and go someplace warm (like Florida); but before we completely forget about the cold, a show called the Cold, Cold Night is a Cambridge event to put on your list.

The story is about The Little Match Girl; remember that old tale about a little girl trying to sell matches one cold winter night? Yes, this is that story put on for you by the Boston Choral Ensemble. David Lang will be presenting his Pulitzer Prize winning Little Match Girl Passion.

David Lang’s 2007 Pulitzer Prize-winning setting for choir and percussion instruments has received extraordinary popular and critical acclaim. Lang has created a piece that is not only contemporary and relevant, but also profound; this masterpiece is a must see!

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