Romance at Brattle Theatre

Romance at Brattle Theatre

What a beautiful sunset on Valentines Day! Photo by Bo Insogna

The Brattle Theatre

40 Brattle St, Cambridge

Admission: $8-$24

Ah romance is in the air with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. I hope all you fine people have gotten the chocolate and flowers and the huge teddy bears that are an absolute must. But, if you haven’t that’s okay; there’s plenty of romance at Brattle Theatre to share!

With all the running around regarding perfect dates for this Saturday all you people must be tired; but never worry, no need to run anymore! Brattle Theatre in Cambridge is ready for romance with a weekend full of adventurous and romantic movies.

romance at Brattle Theatre

Action, adventure, romance and trouble! What more could a girl want?! Photo by Easchiff

Before Valentine’s Day

On February 13, Brattle Theatre is setting the mood before Valentine’s Day with a showing of Casablanca; which of course has one of the most famous love stories even in today’s day and age.

With the star-crossed romance between Bogie and Bergman, the comic banter between Bogie and Rains’ rakish French police commander, and a thrilling plot involving Nazis, resistance fighters, theft and murder who wouldn’t want to see this classic?

Don’t worry, if you can’t make it on the 13th, Brattle Theatre is doing a second show on Valentine’s Day! Can you picture it? Sitting with a loved one watching one of the most well-known classic love tales? Sounds absolutely perfect to me, but don’t forget the chocolate!

Valentine’s Day

romance at brattle theatre

Click here to watch Bugs Bunny again and again! Photo by Beekeeper

There is still plenty of romance at Brattle Theatre to pass around for Valentine’s Day, and even a couple days after. If single dates aren’t your thing, and you prefer the 14th to be a family day, Brattle Theater has you covered there too!

The twentieth annual Bugs Bunny Film Festival is taking place on February 14th-21st. This is a perfect opportunity for the whole family to get out and have some laughs while watching the old Bugs Bunny classics.

Nothing beats sitting back and relaxing with the family while enjoying everybody’s favorite wascally wabbit! Daffy Duck will also be there adding onto the laughs!

Interested in viewing the shows? Click here for the times!

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