Eva Longoria Honored by Harvard

eva longoria

Children going to school in Latin America, how cute! Photo by Nino Eugene La Pia.

One characteristic I have always admired about people is the hidden desire to help others. No, maybe not all people are like that; but what I have found in my years on this earth is that sometimes others will help simply because it feels good. Recently I have discovered that one of those people is Eva Longoria.

The Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations has named Eva Longoria as the 2015 Harvard University Artist of the Year. Being honored by Harvard is no small feat, so I must applaud Eva for all she has done.

What this award signifies is that Longoria has used her celebrity status as means for good. Instead of wasting away her fame, she has used that success and created positive change within this world.

How Eva Longoria Helps

Eva Longoria

Eva supporting Latino Leaders- an organization dedicated to helping Latinos who will teach, advocate for, and inspire the students who are the leaders of tomorrow. Photo by Latino Leaders Network

An example of this positive change is how she founded the Eva Longoria Foundation, which helps equip Latina women with education and entrepreneurial skills. Plus in 2006 she founded Eva’s Heroes, a charity dedicated to aiding developmentally disabled teenagers and young adults.

In addition to the Eva Longoria foundation and Eva’s Heroes’, she has also been a spokesperson for Padres Contra el Cancer, a non-profit organization that works to aid cancer-stricken Latino children and their families.

Honestly I had no clue that the “Desperate Housewives” star was doing such wonderful things; but that fact that she is says a lot about who she is as a person.

No wonder why the Harvard Foundation want’s to honor Eva Longoria; she is an acclaimed American actress, producer, director, activist, businesswoman and philanthropist.

“From empowering and educating young girls in Latin America to founding a charity for developmentally disabled children to hosting numerous benefits for cancer research, Eva Longoria has a longstanding commitment to make this world a better place,” said Irfan Mahmud, a Cultural Rhythms Festival co-director and an inactive Crimson news editor.

Mahmud hit the nail on the head with that statement about Eva. I must say, learning this new information about her has made me excited for the award ceremony.

Eva Longoria

Sanders Theatre. Photo by Daderot

The Ceremony

The award ceremony will take place at the foundation’s 30th annual Cultural Rhythms Festival on February 21. The Cultural Rhythms Festival program begins at 4 p.m. in Memorial Hall at Sanders Theatre. The award presentation will take place at approximately 5 p.m., so don’t forget to watch!

-Kali Routier, Content Editor