Cambridge Winter Farmers Market

Cambridge Winter Farmers Market

Bread, cheese, vegetables, candy, and more at the Cambridge Winter Farmers Market! Photo by Paul Wilkinson.

Cambridge Community Center
5 Callender Street, Cambridge
Jan. 3-Apr. 25, Saturdays 10 a.m.,-2 p.m.
Free Admission

The Cambridge Winter Farmers Market is bringing a whole new meaning to locally grown food markets. Of course they have the necessary fruits, vegetables, and baked and jarred goods that you expect at a farmers market, but they also have a whole lot more you wouldn’t expect.

Cambridge Winter Farmers Market

Soluna Garden Farm sells fresh cut flowers, or seed packets to grow your own! Photo by Gemma Billings.

The Vendors

Candy! Cheese! Teas! The Cambridge Winter Farmers Market has a long list of unconventional goods for your buying pleasure. This includes beans, nuts, coffee, drinks, fish, meat, pasta, and snacks. (And don’t forget about Fido! Your dog deserves a treat just as much as you do, so check out Camberville Dog Treats for nutritious, flavorful, vegan dog snacks.)

Along with your grocery shopping, you can also grab a delicious lunch at the farmers market. Several vendors will prepare hot lunches for you. Seasoned and Spiced makes Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine. The Soup Guy offers, well, soup. And chili! Nothing but hearty, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan soups here! And TexMex Eats sells a range of spicy, cheesy, delectable meals.

Cambridge Winter Farmers Market

Wondering what to do with all that food you bought at the farmers market? Click here for the best farmers market cooking guide!

Even once your stomach is satisfied, you haven’t exhausted the vendors’ supplies yet. There will be other vendors selling bags, wallets, tableware, pottery, flowers, body-care products, and cutlery sharpening services. There’s even a vendor selling handmade items made from alpaca fur. If you’ve never touched alpaca fur before, then trust me, it’s so soft you’ll want to sleep on a bed made of this stuff.

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