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Cambridge Event

Kyle MacLachlan…Photo by: Alan Light

The Brattle Theatre

40 Brattle St, Cambridge

Admission: $8-$24

Looking for a little adventure this weekend? Get lost in the adventure that is Dune at Brattle Theatre. Directed by David Lynch in 1984, this sci-fi epic tale is something not to be missed.

Lynch’s DUNE is a dazzling visualization of an unfilmable book. In the far-flung future, the entire universe depends on the spice production of the desert planet, Arrakis.

When it appears that a long foretold prophecy is coming to fruition, powerful political forces move against Arrakis’s House Atredies and its young heir Paul. With Kyle McLachlan staring as Paul, this gritty Cambridge Event is a must see!

This Saturday

Harvard Art Museum

32 Quincy Street, Cambridge

Open: 10am-5pm

Admission: $15 for adults, Cambridge Residents: Free

Cambridge Event

What do you think? Photo by: Rob Shelly

Art pieces are a beautiful thing to behold. I think one of the reasons art is so liked is because a person can make their own interpretation of what that art piece means.

So, if you are like me, and enjoy the world of art, go to the Harvard Art Museum. Currently showing at Harvard’s Art Museum is Mark Rothko’s Murals made for Harvard.

But what is interesting about these murals is that instead of just a canvas, a projector is used to restore the fading colors. Featuring 38 works from 1961–62, including the murals and many of the artist’s related studies on paper and canvas, the exhibition also explores Rothko’s creative process.

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