Taste of Chocolate Festival

Harvard Square, Cambridge Taste of Chocolate Festival

Join us at the Chocolate Festival this weekend! Photo by Matt Chan

High up in the rich mountains of Peru there waits a bean; but this is not just any bean. In a lot of ways it has reshaped the ways of what humankind considers tasty. To what I am referring is the cacao bean.  Conveniently, this weekend you can taste all the different types of chocolate the cacao bean has to offer at The Taste of Chocolate Festival.

You know, I would love to meet the person that transformed the cacao bean into delicious and mouthwatering chocolate and just give them a hug. Since its creation in 1519, chocolate has evolved into one of the most tasty and popular food items probably around the world (which is completely understandable).

Because of the rich and creamy yumminess that melts on your tongue, there is only one thing in this whole world that is better than chocolate. And that is free chocolate. Best of all, there is some free chocolate being offered at The Taste of Chocolate Festival; how appropriate.

The time has finally come in Harvard Square where individuals can indulge in a little something called the Taste of Chocolate Festival. Being a hard core chocolate lover, I must thank the Harvard Square Business Association for pulling together this fantastic festival.

Harvard Square Cambridge Taste of Chocolate Festival

Yummy! Photo by Eric Hossinger

Saturday Event: Chocolate Sampling

On Saturday, January 24 between 1 and 2 p.m. come and do a little chocolate sampling presented by Harvard Square’s finest purveyors. This scrumptious feasting of chocolate will be held on Deguglielmo Plaza in front of Hidden Sweats.

But the festival is not just on Saturday; in fact The Taste of Chocolate Festival will be going strong for 3 days starting on January 23. That is plenty of time to send your taste buds on a wonderful chocolaty adventure.

All Weekend Events

The restaurants that make up Harvard Square are also partaking in the 5th annual Taste of Chocolate Festival. Such restaurants include Fire+Ice, Nubar and so many more.

Fire+Ice will be hosting Death by Chocolate, a murder mystery where diners will indulge in chocolate treats combined with an interactive theater experience. While at Nubar, get ready for an evening of dining in the dark to enhance your tasting capabilities.

Now, the sampling event is free, but if you would like to partake in one of the restaurants events that will cost some money. But hey, you can still get some free chocolate at the sampling!

Don’t be shy, I know and you know that the power of chocolate is a force not to be reckoned with. So do yourself a favor; instead of just thinking about that tantalizing piece of chocolate, go and grab a piece!

Editor’s Note: Are you a fan of Lindt Chocolate?  Click here for one of our favorites!

-Kali Routier, Content Editor