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Saturday Event: The Donkey Show

The Donkey Show Weekend Events

Check out the allure of the Donkey show for yourself this weekend. Photo by NikiSublime.

Oberon Theater
2 Arrow Street, Cambridge
Saturdays at 7:30pm and 10:30pm
Tickets from $25

The Donkey Show, directed by Tony Award-winner Diane Paulus, introduces a show that blurs the line between every
social boundary. This show will push you out of your shell and into the reimagined world of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you love Shakespeare, this show is for you.

But be warned: The Donkey Show is only a loose interpretation of the actual play, so my advice would be to expect a lot of spontaneous twists with an enormous amount of fun.

Nevertheless, this club-like experience will have you wanting more. Imagine grooving in the middle of the dancefloor at Oberon Theater while the show unfolds around you. The Donkey Show includes the ultimate ’70s disco soundtrack combined with a sinful amount of glittery skin.

The Donkey Show Weekend Events

Grab some friends and prepare your eyes to witness shirtless men in short shorts, go-go dancers, and glitter infused with fun costumes! Expect dancing, a gold man zipping by you on roller skates, a woman with butterfly pasties and yes, there is even a donkey.

Dancing the night away does not sound so bad to me, but then again not all people like dancing all night. Don’t worry! If grooving on the floor is not your thing just pick out a table and grab some food and drinks. Don’t forget to observe the crowd hilariously attempting to dance.

Watch the male and female actors/dancers hanging from ceilings and dancing on tables. Exchange looks with your friends that says “those people look ridiculous (even though we all know you dance like that too)” when observing the crowd.

Now the only puzzling question left is why this show is called The Donkey Show. I guess you’ll have to buy a ticket and figure that out for yourself.

Are you interested in attending the fabulous show for free? Click here to find out how – but be quick, this is a limited-time offer!

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