Cambridge and Boston Arts Events

Cambridge and Boston events Boston International Fine Art Show

Take in the art this weekend at the Boston International Fine Art Show. Photo by Jeffrey.

Fall is the most beautiful time of year to me. With the way the sunlight filters through the red, auburn, orange, and yellow leaves and the crisp but not yet cold air, there’s nothing like the feeling autumn gives you. Maybe that’s what inspired me to pick out other immersive experiences this week, this time human-made. If you’re looking for art that will surround and inspire you, this weekend’s Cambridge and Boston events will blow you away.

Friday-Sunday Cambridge and Boston Events

Boston International Fine Art Show

The Cyclorama, 539 Tremont Street, Boston
Fri. 1-8 p.m., Sat. 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
$15 Admission, Free Ages 12 and Under

Cambridge and Boston Events Boston International Fine Art Show

A drawing by one of my favorite artists, Egon Schiele. Photo by Nico Paix.

I have a fun exercise for you all. Next time you’re walking through the Museum of Fine Arts, with its 617,000 square feet filled with 450,000 pieces of art, take second to estimate how much it would cost to buy the museum and all the artwork inside. It’s probably a number you can’t even wrap your head around. But if you love your fine art and are looking for a more modest price, set your sights on the Boston International Fine Art Show this weekend.

The BIFAS is an annual show and sale of historic, modern, and contemporary art collections. With exhibits by businesses and individuals from around New England, the show brings fine art to the public and supports artists through the sale of their pieces. As a visitor, you can browse the well-displayed collections, and if you’re tempted, purchase artwork for yourself. (If you can’t afford that, just pretend for an afternoon that these artworks belong to you. Enjoy the illusion while you can.)

If your appetite for the visual arts still isn’t satisfied, click here to purchase this book: Art That Changed the World.

The BIFAS will also be holding special programs that are free with admission. Friday at 6 p.m., there will be a panel on “Caring for Your Collection,” which will discuss topics like lighting, insurance, and restoration.

On Saturday at 3 p.m., Editor-in-Chief of Fine Art Connoisseur Peter Trippi will take his audience through his magazine’s best behind-the-scenes moments of European Art. Whether you’re just looking to feast your eyes on fine art or are interested in collecting it, The BIFAS will satisfy your visual appetite.

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