Internet Cat Video Film Festival

If you’re a cat person, you won’t want to miss this. On Thursday, October 30th, the Berklee College of Music is hosting their 2014 Internet Cat Video Film Festival. Featuring a compilation of cat videos short and shorter, the festival promises a good show. Details below.

Thursday / October 30, 2014 / 6:30 pm
Berklee Performance Center
136 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA, 02115, United States

For more information about the event, click here.

Before you check out the festival, learn more about the reasoning behind cat videos. Why do people make them, and why do we love watching them?

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Why Cat Videos?

cute cat

Humans love cats. Photo courtesy of pixabay.

Jordan Shapiro from suggests that cat owners use the internet like dog owners use dog parks – not for fresh air and exercise, but to show off their cat. Since cat owners don’t really take their cats out for walks – unless you’re that woman by Central Square – the internet provides a way to broadcast the cuteness of your cat to, well, everyone.

That cuteness is the real key. If your cat can do a trick, all the better, but mostly, it’s all about that adorable face. Shapiro states that cats trigger the “cute instinct” in humans; we want to nurture things with big eyes, small noses, and a certain round head shape. Cats resemble human babies in this way, making audiences melt with a single look.

Which cat started it all? Keep reading to find out!

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