Work from home in Cambridge

work from home in cambridge

Work from home—or a patch of grass. Photo by Ed Yourdon

Work from home in Cambridge, MA

I work at from home three days a week, and I come in to the office on Mondays and Wednesdays. Working from home has given me the flexibility I need. I’m able to take my dog out when he needs to go and I’m also available to schedule doctor’s appointments at my own convenience. If you have the opportunity to work online, I highly recommend you take that chance.

Apply online through our Careerbuilder tool here. You’ll find dozens of options for working from home, from administrative positions to sales assistants.

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work from home in cambridge

At home, no one judges the drink to your left. (Except maybe the cat.) Photo by Ben McLeod

Featured jobs in Cambridge

You can see a full listing of work from home jobs available here. Need help with your resume? Check out Katie’s tips!

  • Currently, Alevity is hiring a consultant. If you have at least 8 years in regulatory affairs, this top-notch staffing firm is looking for you! You will work supporting life sciences with competitive pay.
  • Career Women Online is looking for an Administrative Assistant. This position is perfect for people who are taking care of children or otherwise can’t get to the office. You make your own hours and manage a site that helps other women on the path to success. What could be better? (Aside from, of course.)
  • CloudSource is seeking a customer service and technical support specialist. This work at home program doesn’t even need a college degree, so if you finished high school or got the GED, you might just be the (wo)man for the job.
  • Become the Associate Director of Recruitment at Varsity Tutors from home! This position screens applications for tutoring positions, conducts interviews, and completes recruitment-based projects. It’s a great opportunity for those HR buffs out there. You’ll be proud of the company you work for.

Work in your favorite place—from the comfort of your own home. Take your laptop to Starbucks and sip on a latté, but no matter what you do, apply yourself to a remote job in Cambridge today. Some days I do it, and I would recommend it.

– Erinn Pascal