Free fun at Sunday Parkland Games

Sunday Parkland Games Knucklebones Harvard Square

On Sundays we play games —the Sunday Parkland Games. Photo courtesy of Knucklebones

Summer Sundays in Harvard Square

Sunday Parkland Games

Let the games begin!

What started out as a lazy walk by the Charles turned into a fun-filled day.

My boyfriend, Alvaro, and I love Shake Shack. You might remember my blog post from a few months ago, comparing Harvard Square’s Tasty Burger to Shake Shack.

Whenever Alvaro visits me from New Jersey, we take a walk around Harvard and then visit the burger joint. That is, until our last time. Last time we came across the Sunday Parkland Games.

Right by the picturesque Cambridge waterfront sits a collection of tents and games hosted by local company Knucklebones.

Knucklebones is an athletic and events and wellness company located right here in New England, and every Sunday this summer they are hosting the Sunday Parkland Games from 3:30 to 6 pm.

See page 2 for more about the games!

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