Student jobs in Cambridge

student jobs

Student jobs are everywhere in Cambridge. Photo by Camillo Miller

Student jobs in Cambridge

The only thing more prevalent on my newsfeed than the ALS Ice Bucket challenge? My college friends asking, “Who’s hiring?”

Back to school means back to work, and for some of us, that means back to student employment. Cambridge and the Greater Boston area are home to thousands of college students, so if you are looking for a part-time job, better begin the search now before it’s too late.

Apply to jobs online through our Careerbuilder tool here. You’ll find dozens of options for employment while being a student.

Need more? Get resume advice by clicking here! Check out Katie’s tips for resumes, too.

student jobs

Starbucks has great employee benefits. Photo by Churl

Food service or retail?

As a college student, you are more than likely to think, “should I work in food service or in retail?” That’s because these genres are the most common areas for students to explore (and companies to hire) as they typically do not require college degrees.

Although food service and retail positions pay roughly minimum wage, they are great to save up money for the (hopefully soon) iPhone 6 or to gnaw away at your college tuition.

Both food service and retail require you to be quick, on your feet, and ready to offer fantastic customer service at a second’s notice. If you can master those three things, you are likely to be successful in either work environment.

student jobs

In the down time for student jobs, you’ll be forced to be creative. Photo by Juliana Lavita

Food Service Pros: 

  • You get free or discounted food
  • Your restaurant is likely to always be busy, so time moves fast
  • Statistically, there are more food service than retail jobs in Cambridge

Food Service Cons: 

  • Even if the restaurant doesn’t close late, you’re likely to stay long after to clean the venue (and yes, that means bathroom duty)
  • Employees must adhere to very strict health codes and practices
  • Because restaurants are on average busier than retail, this can be more exhausting

Retail Pros: 

  • You get free or discounted items
  • On average, you get more “down time” than in food service
  • You’ll be the first to see clearance prices (and scoop up those deals)

Retail Pros: 

  • Schedules tend to be “all over the place” and not as strict as morning / night shifts, like in food service
  • You are more likelier to buy things you don’t need
  • The work can be repetitive, i.e. folding clothes

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