See Skky Phoenix and Others!

Middlesex Lounge

Photo courtesy of Skky Phoenix and the Armadillos.

Busy this Sunday, August 17th? No? GOOD. has found something for its music aficionados/concertgoers: a show by Skky Phoenix and the Armadillos, paired with a performance by Shadwell, at Cambridge’s own Middlesex Lounge.

About Middlesex Lounge

We’ll say this much: Middlesex Lounge is not your typical dance joint where the tragically inebriated jounce to monotonous club hits until they sweat through their clothes.

Nah, Middlesex Lounge strives to be the emblem of your weekend, the one-night stand you’ll actually remember the following morning. Its minimalist architecture earned it the 2005 Honor Award for Design Excellence.

It’s a place for the chic, the experimental, those fond of hand-crafted drinks and quality burgers in between tunes, which, FYI, a diverse roundup of DJs bring to you from all ranks of the musical spectrum.

So, be adventurous. Be classy. Let Middlesex re-sculpt your preconceived notions of nightlife.

Skky Phoenix and the Armadillos

Middlesex Lounge

Photo by Shadwell.

What’s all the hubbub this Sunday? Skky Phoenix and the Armadillos (pictured above) are celebrating their newly-dropped album, Cactus Fever, copies of which will be available for a modest $5 at the show.

If you’ve ever heard stirring blues fused with the unmistakable resonance of country music—and enjoyed it—you’d be wise to stop by Middlesex Lounge this Sunday.

If you haven’t…isn’t it about time you have? (Remember what I said about being adventurous!) Skky Phoenix, accompanied by his tambourine-tapping, guitar-plucking pack of misfits (AKA the Armadillos), will serve you a bittersweet concoction of agony, acceptance, and longing.


Singer/songwriter Aaron Shadwell isn’t new to the stage. A seasoned performer, he’s constantly floating from club to club in Cambridge, sharing original genre-bending tunes and gaining a handful more admirers after each show.

Shadwell, too, is prepping for his winter 2014 EP release, King Creeper. This Sunday, he plans to perform a soulful number titled “Frostbite,” fresh off of King Creeper.

Want to know more about Shadwell and his craft? Last month, he participated in a “Music-Go-Round”event at Lilypad, located on Cambridge Street. I was lucky enough to attend and blogged about the night here.

The Sound Down Cellar

Another Boston-based band, The Sound Down Cellar, will be performing a set at Middlesex Lounge. A bulky eight-person troupe, Sound Down’s music transcends genre confines.

Some tunes are modest, minimalist. They crafted an entire album, Awfully Close Behind, from a series of bedroom demos strung together with slinking guitar strums and a lone voice.

Other tracks adopt grisly, percussion-heavy flavors, which one can hear in the rhythmic background bumps and scrapes of unknown equipment on “to the Lynn fells track.”

Give these rising, talented musicians your listening ears on Sunday night, and check out Divine Replacement, one of their newer creations.

Adam PC

Sunday’s lineup also includes a performance by Adam PC, a Boston-based dance rock band that originated with a solo performer, Adam Preston Cissell.

Middlesex Lounge

Photo courtesy of Adam PC.

Cissell dropped two albums, Townie Does and Entendo Tapes, and now parades a six-member band around the city. The coolest part? Every one of Adam PC’s live performances are 100 percent live.

Their performance at Middlesex Lounge will be especially moving, as JC, a musician in the Adam PC family, will be leaving the group to explore other musical opportunities.

At the start of her adventures with the band, she played tambourine for several tunes. In time, however, she expanded her musical landscape by tackling back-up vocals and bass guitar.  Stop by on Sunday to rally the Adam PC band as they bid farewell to one of their own.

Sunday nights are usually reserved for ritual moping sessions about the start of another week. Spend your Sunday at Middlesex Lounge around 8 PM instead; it’ll be far more rewarding.

Middlesex Lounge Map & Directions

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