DIY Good Will Hunting Tour

good will hunting

Take a tour of Good Will Hunting and pay respect to actor Robin Williams (right)

Do-it-yourself Good Will Hunting Tour

We were shocked earlier this month to learn of actor Robin Williams’ passing. Like many of you, Williams was one of my favorite actors and comedians, with my favorite movies of his being Aladdin and Good Will Hunting. 

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Charlie Harrington, location manager of Good Will Hunting, told the Boston Globe:

“People would come by and they’d ask ‘Who’s in the movie?’ ”
“I’d say, ‘Matt Damon and Ben Affleck,’ and they’d be like, ‘Who the hell are they?’ ”

“Robin Williams is in it.”

“Oh yeah, Robin Williams!”

Good Will Hunting, the 1997 film, took place in Cambridge and Boston. You can go on a do-it-yourself (DIY) tour of Good Will Hunting in Greater Boston, see the sites, and compare what was then and what is now. Follow your guide here!

What you’ll need

Before beginning the DIY tour, you’ll need comfortable shoes to walk around in and plenty of water to keep hydrated. No matter if you’ve never seen the movie or if you’ve seen it five thousand times, I’d recommend watching it the night before so the images are clear in your head. You can also bring a camera around to take fun images on “set” of the movie!

See page 2 to begin your DIY tour.

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