Movie filmed in Cambridge!

good will hunting

Take a tour of Good Will Hunting and pay respect to actor Robin Williams (right)

Good Will Hunting Tour

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Charlie Harrington, location manager of Good Will Hunting, told the Boston Globe:

“People would come by and they’d ask ‘Who’s in the movie?’ ”
“I’d say, ‘Matt Damon and Ben Affleck,’ and they’d be like, ‘Who the hell are they?’ ”

“Robin Williams is in it.”

“Oh yeah, Robin Williams!”

Much of the filming for Good Will Hunting, the 1997 film, took place in Cambridge and Boston.  Many scenes in the movie were filmed at Harvard University, where actor Matt Damon attended.


The Paper Chase

Expecting only the basic pressures of attending Harvard Law School, a serious, hard-working student (Timothy Bottoms) finds himself the fearful adversary of the school’s most imperious, sarcastic professor (John Houseman). Their relationship grows even more complex when the boy discovers that the girl he’s in love with is the professor’s daughter (Lindsay Wagner). Edward Herrmann and James Naughton co-star in this moving, intelligent drama.  The Paper Chase, another great movie with many scenes filmed right here in Boston