Where to Eat On the Fourth of July

Fourth of July

Photo by Kurume-Shimin

Fourth of July weekend is upon us! How we gained our independence as a country is one thing; how we have come to celebrate it is not quite out of the history books: with food, booze, good friends, and fireworks!

But remember: you won’t be the only one out celebrating. Unfortunately, Fourth of July is notorious for citywide food service closings. While some restaurants only operate on slightly shortened schedules, others close up shop for the holiday, the holiday weekend, and sometimes up to a week afterwards.

We at Cambridge.com empathize with you—we understand the heartbreak of drunkenly trekking to your favorite joint, only to see that handwritten “CLOSED” sign taped to the front door. Whether you’re looking for a pre-firework food coma or someplace that’ll be up and waiting for you during your shenanigans, take a peek at our Fourth of July restaurant roundup!

Restaurant dante

40 Edwin H Land Blvd
Cambridge, MA 02141
Open 5:30 am- 11:00 pm on July 4

Restaurant dante celebrates the Fourth of July with an annual five-course beer dinner. Take part in this celebration on dante’s classy patio (which overlooks the Charles River) and indulge in Italian-American-inspired cuisine.

Dante orchestrates this event with the utmost care. The beer selection doesn’t magically wind up on the menu—each candidate is tasted, evaluated based on the dishes that will be served, and voted on.

Restaurant Dante Beers

A selection of Dogfish Head Brewery beers for last year’s Fourth of July Beer Dinner. Photo courtesy of Restaurant dante.

The winning brewery is spotlighted on dante’s Fourth of July menu. It’s been recently announced that this year’s beers will be courtesy of Mayflower Brewing Company in Plymouth, MA.

And if you were looking for some firework action, dante states on its website that guests may be able to see them on Cambridge Parkway.

An upscale dinner on a patio facing the Charles River? Beer? Possible fireworks? Sounds good to us. Make your reservation ASAP!


Harvard Location: 7:00 am- midnight
Inman Square Location: 7:00 am- 10:00 pm
Kendall Location: 7:00 am- 11:00 pm

Clover Food Lab takes locally-sourced, meatless eating to a whole new level. Let this Cambridge restaurant chain be a calling for vegetarians and those who love vegetarian fast food.

With a menu that changes seasonally, Clover Food Lab is able to provide the freshest ingredients for tasty recipes such as the Egg & Egg and BLT (nix the bacon, of course).

Try to view Clover Food Lab as an eatery where longtime loyal customers congregate and newbies can wet their feet in the art of eating meatless.

As a writer for our Food Truck Fridays feature, I took a trip to one of the Clover food trucks in Cambridge and tried (loved) my very first chickpea fritter, inspired by the classic falafel sandwich.

Fourth of July

Clover’s fan favorite: the chickpea fritter.

Lucky for Clover’s growing fan base, the brick-and-mortar restaurants will have their doors open late into the night on the Fourth of July. Why not skip the BBQ and go meatless for a day?

Kika Tapas

350 Third St
Cambridge, MA 02142
Open 4:00 pm- 11:00 pm on July 4 (depending on customer traffic)

Here’s a golden rule for restaurant owners everywhere: if your place has a patio and faces a vast, perfect-for-firework-viewing sky, you had better keep your doors open on the Fourth of July.

That’s why our friends at Kika Tapas will be up and awaiting your arrival this Friday. Kika is home of, you guessed it, tapas, which are Spanish finger foods/appetizers that can be served hot or cold.

Their menu boasts a wide array of Spanish cuisine, including sizzling garlic shrimp, roast duck leg, mixed green salad, beef or chicken turnovers, charcuterie assortments, and beef tenderloin.

One of their ads reads “Drink like you love America this Fourth” and two pleasant-looking concoctions they’ve deemed “Libertea” and “Mericarita.”

Fourth of July

Photo courtesy of Kika Tapas.

Kika Tapas also boasted once or twice about one of their most precious assets: a patio. This is already a plus for guests in favor of eating al fresco, but it’s a real leg-up on a day where the sky is aglow with neon explosives.

This Fourth of July, be sure to kick back on the patio with a Mericarita, a few friends, and watch the fireworks!


Hit Wicket

1172 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139
Open 12 pm- 6:00 pm on July 4

You won’t find many sports bars in Cambridge that are cricket-themed. Correction: you won’t find any except the Hit Wicket restaurant and bar in Inman Square. Yes, Hit Wicket—home of generously portioned meals borrowed from a variety of nations.

Restaurateurs Shubha and Nada designed the menu to include both home cooked and street cuisine. There’s English bangers with Indian style mash, crispy shrimp, Aussie meat pies, and, as part of their weekly Sunday brunch menu, sunny-side-up eggs.

Not a diehard cricket fan? Don’t worry. Hit Wicket certainly values this beloved international sport, but you can enjoy others playing on their TVs, too.

Fourth of July

Masala Calamari. Photo courtesy of Hit Wicket.

In fact, true to sports bar fashion, Hit Wicket will be broadcasting the World Cup Quarter Final matches this Fourth of July.

So if you’d like a break from the outdoor festivities or if fireworks were never your thing in the first place, here’s your Friday hangout!

Flat Top Johnny’s

1 Kendall Sq
Cambridge, MA 02139
Open 11:45 am- 1:00 am on July 4

Have you been looking for a restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere? Visit Kendall Square this Friday to see Cambridge’s premier pool hall, Flat Top Johnny’s.

This place may very well be the Chuck E. Cheese’s for adults. Flat Top Johnny’s proudly offers twelve pool tables, pinball machines, darts, a pub menu, cocktails, and locally crafted beers.

Fourth of July

Photo courtesy of Flat Top Johnny’s.

Snack on traditional bar foods—buffalo wings, onion rings, Texas nachos, jalapeno poppers—or enjoy a platter of freshly shucked oysters on Flat Top’s patio.

Sip some on-tap beers and challenge other diners to darts, or read a pocket-copy of the Declaration of Independence to your friends over the pool table.

Everyone in here just wants to have a good time, though the fun isn’t Fourth-of-July exclusive; diehard pool fans are more than welcome to take part in Flat Top Johnny’s Monday night pool tournaments.

The staff is friendly and attentive, and the pool tables are well-maintained. So, what are you waiting for? The Fourth of July?

-Jeannine Hennawi
Contributing Writer